Tunnelvision 2.0 – 1st place Talent Award


The visual perception of people with tunnel vision doesn’t extend beyond their own field of attention. During my search to broaden my own views, we realized we could create infinite space with the use of light and reflections.

This visual installation is characterized by the theme ‘repetition’. It shows light in an infinite visual tunnel of rhythmic patterns and an infinite space that keeps on changing.

  • Depth of installation 10 cm

The installation tingles one’s visual perception by transforming from a two-dimensional canvas into a three-dimensional visualization.

The complex patterns, visual layers and illusion of endless depth, makes the beginning and end unrecognizable.The combination of visuals, rhythm, light and sound creates a meditative and hypnotic sensory experience.


After reading that people look at paintings not more than a few seconds, I wanted to create an installation that captivates the attention of the viewer as long as possible and consciousness of time will disappear.

 When image en sound are in balance and working together, it makes the experience of the crowd hypnotic and stimulates multiple senses

Without any force, it’s captivating the attention of the spectator. People during my graduation project experienced it as a center of peace in this hurried society nowadays.

The repetition is not a repetition but a constant transformation. By this development we keep the spectator focussed and curious as long as possible while looking at this installation.

A real view of what you see when looking in the installation


Our wish is to create new version of this concept.

Creating a customized logo animations or change the shape in an esthetic form that grabs the attention of your audience/customers.

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