NEW!! Mirror Introspectie

For the exposition in the Van Abbemuseum during Lightfestival GLOW 2017, i had the chance to develop new installations. Inspired by the installation Tunnelvision 2.0 where i won the 1st price Foederer Talent Award 2016.

This installation is called Introspection Mirror and is 1 of the 3 new installation i recently created.

The story behind the installation:

Research has shown that people only look at a painting for a few seconds. This digital light artwork find ways to hold the viewer’s attention longer. There is a confrontation of (observation)behavior of the viewer, where the perception is stimulated and reflected in literal and figurative form. It shows an infinite visual tunnel of rhythmic patterns that attracts attention and rest in a meditative experience of light. By using light and mirrors, the 2D object transforms into a 3D visualization. The Mirror Introspection combines a digital and analog view of the perception of the viewer. In a kaleidoscopic constant visual change, it attracts and tries to capture the attention of the viewer in a meditative and hypnotic way.

This installation is for rent and for sale. You can contact me for more specific information: