Research has shown that people only look at a painting for a few seconds. These digital light artwork find ways to hold the viewer’s attention longer. There is a confrontation of (observation)behavior of the viewer, where the perception is stimulated and reflected in literal and figurative form. It shows an infinite visual tunnel of rhythmic patterns that attracts attention and rest in a meditative experience of light. By using light and mirrors, the 2D object transforms into a 3D visualization. The Mirror Introspection combines a digital and analog view of the perception of the viewer. In a kaleidoscopic constant visual change, it attracts and tries to capture the attention of the viewer in a meditative and hypnotic way.

Read about the earlier version of Tunnelvision 2.0 and Tunnelvision 1.0 below, when WE WON 1st price FOEDERER TALENT AWARD! 



The visual perception of people with tunnel vision doesn’t extend beyond their own field of attention. During my search to broaden ourown views, we realized we could create infinite space with the use of light and reflections.

This visual installation is characterized by the theme ‘repetition’. It shows light in an infinite visual tunnel of rhythmic patterns and an infinite space that keeps on changing.

More information about all our light installations below!

  • Tunnelvision 3.0      – for rent & for sale
  • Introspection mirror – for rent & for sale
  • Visual Circle clock   – for rent & for sale






It shows an infinite visual tunnel of rhythmic patterns that attracts attention and rest in a meditative experience of light. By using light and mirrors, the 2D object transforms into a 3D visualization. This form of interactive light art arises from a need for aesthetic communication between human, art and intelligence.

The installation tingles one’s visual perception by transforming from a two-dimensional canvas into a three-dimensional visualization.

The complex patterns, visual layers and illusion of endless depth, makes the beginning and end unrecognizable. The combination of visuals, rhythm, light and sound creates a meditative and hypnotic sensory experience.
It was presented during these events:

Dutch Design Week 2017, October 22 – 29, Klokgebouw, Eindhoven

GLOW lichtfestival 2017, November 11 – 18, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

For the exposition in the Van Abbemuseum during Lightfestival GLOW, i had the chance to develop new installations.



Without any force, it’s captivating the attention of the spectator. People during my graduation project experienced it as a center of peace in this hurried society nowadays.

The repetition is not a repetition but a constant transformation. By this development we keep the spectator focussed and curious as long as possible while looking at this installation.


















































The power of digital infinity art where reflection is the center focus..

This is the 2 of 3 recently build light art installations. Have al look at the video.




















A positive experience of time..


















TUNNELVISION 2.0 – 1st price Talent Award!

With this installation we finaly got the credits our light-art deserves. we WON the 1st price at the Foederer Talent Award!  We took the next step to create the Tunnelvision version 3.0.
















Here is where our light art creations started. So interesting to see how the public gets hypnotised by the endless patterns of light..












Techno organisation Schmutzig wanted to light up their DJ Booth.

Scratches, broken ‘glass’ and a dirty appearance where their wishes. Here is  a short view on how its all created!

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 01/10/2015
































Why just using a normal screen to project visuals on?

Using different materials to create a 3D effect is one of the specialisations Surreal Visuals likes to experiment with!




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