Workshop Arena light-art project

A Collaboration with Brabant Wonen and Muzelinck 

Creating an light-art installation together with these very enthusiastic residents They received sustainable LED light in their appartment and to celabrate this moment we had the chance to create something really cool.

Never too old to learn more about LED and other modern technology!

This light art installation will be revealed on 22/01/2019 by the mayor of Oss.





Workshop 4D Graffiti – AR

In collaboration with STRP and Emoves

We give a new perspective about the developments of technology and how we stand in this evolution. We teached children more about the possibilities with AR (augmented reality).

They created their own 4D graffiti tag during this workshop.

STRP x Emoves presented the next level of street art in AR at Strijp-S
30/06/18 – 01/10/18 


Workshop Light Paintings

A collaboration with Muzelinck (Centrum voor de Kunsten) in Oss.

We had so much fun working with these creative kids that made beautiful light paintings!

Nacht Van de Kunsten 23/06/2018.