Surreal visuals provides the audience an original and hypnotic way of light-art, moving images and sound.


  • Visual communication
  • Sensory experience through image and sound
  • VJ/ Show operator
  • Light art
  • Light installations
  • Workshops
  • Motion graphics
  • Videoclip
  • Editting



Park Hilaria 2018, Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Visuals created by Surreal Visuals (www.surrealvisuals.com) – Original printwork and decor created by Ben Hohmann (www.deptb.nl)

Thanks to STRP x Emoves we got the chance to collaborate and teach children more about Augmented Reality. How we can look & participate towards the future. Since technology develops quickly, these children learned more about about 4D Graffiti  and created their own 4D Graffiti tag during this workshop.

STRP x Emoves present the next level of street art in AR at Strijp-S
30/06/18 – 01/10/18


Creating light art together. For an apartment where the residents will start with sustainable LED lighting. Teaching them about LED and other modern technology. Work in progress…


Another great V.J. show of Surreal Visuals at Maindish event last Saturday, December 9th 2017 . We love making visuals for Techno events 🙂

Check out more photo’s & aftermovie here!


For the people who did not have a chance to visit our exposition during Dutch Design Week 2017GLOW light festival 2017; here you can see and read what you’ve missed..

The story behind the light-art of Surreal Visuals:

Research has shown that people only look at a painting for a few seconds. These digital light artwork find ways to hold the viewer’s attention longer. There is a confrontation of (observation)behavior of the viewer, where the perception is stimulated and reflected in literal and figurative form. It shows an infinite visual tunnel of rhythmic patterns that attracts attention and rest in a meditative experience of light. By using light and mirrors, the 2D object transforms into a 3D visualization. This form of interactive light art arises from a need for aesthetic communication between human, art and intelligence.


A positive experience of time..


The power of digital infinity art where reflection is the center focus..


Want to see this installation in action? Have a look at this video..


Studio040 posted some interesting news about the interactive light installations






Looking for a way to visualize your companies VISION & STRATEGY in an esthetic way of LIGHT ADVERTISEMENT?

Recently we won the 1st place Talent Award during GLOW – Foederer, Eindhoven with a  2D installation that transforms itself into an endless 3D perspective. Winning this Talent award, gave us the confirmation that we created something really special!

This project is an infinite visual light installation that can be reshaped and customized especially for you and your company.

We would like to transform and further develope this installation named Tunnelvision. Transforming it in a shape that highlight your Logo, architecture and visualize your vision or company strategy.

We are looking for a collaboration with people who are interested to create an installation with endless customized visual possibilities. Help us speed up te process of creating an advanced and original light (logo) advertisement, for your company or architectural design.

More info here!

INTERESTED? Contact us: +31611441822 or send us an email: info@surrealvisuals.com


V.J. work

Have a look at the different V.J. projects where Surreal visuals recently participated. More info here!


Light installations

We recently developed a new concept of hypnotic visual content that will unlock the
power of imagination and will make the consciousness of time disappear. A 2D installation that transforms itself into an endless 3D perspective… More info here!


Sensory experience through image & light and sound

Surreal visuals understand the importance of unity and interaction between image, light and sound. When image and sound are in balance and working together, it makes the experience of the crowd hypnotic and stimulates multiple senses. We collaborate with two music producers that create soundscapes and live acts for our visuals creations. Sceptical C. & Youri Jozee



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