We see the importance in an original way of visual communication with light as our main source. 

Our establishment is in Eindhoven the ‘city of light’ and we are proud of that! Let’s use light in our advantage.


  • (Motion) graphics
  • Visual content creation
  • VJ/ Show operator
  • Light art
  • Workshop

Surreal visuals understand the importance of unity and interaction between image, light and sound.

Curious about our creations? Check out our skills, projects & workshops. We won the 1st place Talent Award during GLOW – Foederer, Eindhoven with a  2D installation that transforms itself into an endless 3D perspective.Winning this Talent award, gave us the confirmation that we created something really special!

This project is an infinite visual light installation that can be reshaped and customized especially for you and your company.


We would like to transform and further develope this installation named Tunnelvision. Transforming it in a shape that highlight your Logo, architecture and visualize your vision or company strategy.

We are always up for a collaboration with people who are interested to create customized visual possibilities. Help us speed up te process of creating an advanced and original light (logo) advertisement, for your company or architectural design.

More info here!




3 gedachten over “WELCOME

  1. All i want to say; is that i love your work.
    It’s FUCKIN’ AWESOME 👍👍😍
    Keep up the good work ☝️👏👌👊
    Sarah 💋💋

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